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ASP.NET Site Development - what your web site will include


For over 10 years Steven Speer has developed and maintained many e-commerce and business web sites for small and medium sized businesses. Steven has also worked for a number of the larger companies in the Cleveland, Ohio area. "I like to work with clients that have owned their own business for years or have worked in the corporate world and wants to start a new company with a clear vision".


SPEEREC fully understands the time and dedication it takes to not only develop a web site but also the constant ongoing maintenance and updating of current information. Our goal is to give you the client the ability to fully maintain all the information on their site. We do this by building maintenace modules that allow you to add, update and delete data on your schedule along with other modules that configure how your web site will run.


SPEEREC has many different plans that can offset some of the initial cost of setting up a truely professional web site. We have a number of different agreements with clients that allow for the extension of payment for services, and reduced cost for development for a percentage of your revenue. SPEEREC does not like to nickle and dime our clients to death. We have standard costs and hosting fees that include all the services you need to run your business online.


Your web site will include:



SPEEREC likes to take a quoted price approach to new sites and major upgrades. We will detail out all the work and what will be needed to complete the project and calculate a price. Having all the detail completed before work starts enables us to calculate the best price for the amount of work, and sets a minimum level of work expected to complete the project. We do offer hourly rates, but we rarely work in that manner except for smaller "need to get done" projects or updates.


SPEEREC will build your web site so you the client has access to change virtually anything on the site you wish. There are a few things that we need to occacionally make changes too, but in general you and your staff will have access to update the pages on the site, product information and pricing and data from any other application we build.